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Hector Falls is located along the eastern shores of Seneca Lake and is considered to be one of the most impressive waterfalls in New York State. This beautiful waterfall is right on the side of the road and is located along Rt. 414 heading north just 3.5 miles from Watkins Glen, New York in the Finger Lakes. It is also a prominent feature of Falling Waters Boat Tours. Latitude 42.41811 Longitude 76.86607 During your boat tour, we’ll be showing you these majestic falls right from the comfort of the boat and from the edge of Hector Falls on our shale patio.

Hector Falls has an interesting history. I’ve been asked where did the name Hector Falls come from ? The founder of the town of Hector was Richard Ely, he named his first born son Hector and named the town and waterfall after his son. In 1801 the falls water powered a wool mill and later in 1805 a log grist mill.
Hector Falls is 250′ from top to bottom and from Falling Waters Boat Tours private patio the waterfalls 89 ft and then another 76ft to the base as it enters the creek on its way to Seneca Lake. The Falls is 75ft wide from Falling Waters Boat Tours patio overlook to the south side. From May – October the waterfalls at a speed of 22 to over 66 mph depending on the volume of water created from rainstorms.
The best place to view and explore lower Hector Falls is from Falling Waters Boat Tours private natural shale patio that meets the waters edge. As your guide and wearing water shoes, I will lead you into the base of the falls where the water refreshingly massages your feet . Or simply admire the beauty and energy of the Falls from the overlook patio while enjoying a complimentary Finger Lakes beverage.  Either way this is an experience you will fondly remember!